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Recently I was speaking to a dear friend who (amongst others) encouraged me to tell my stories to you. Nothing epic, just one of my little day to day happenings that maybe made me smile when it happened, maybe made her smile when I told it to her, and maybe it will make you smile when i tell it to you. I was thinking of how to break into this trend of sharing things with all of you, and I thought I’d first share someone else’s story. (I know I’m totally cheating but it’s such a nice one)

I have been making my camping ornaments and magnets for years. I first made them to commemorate a camping trip in Letchworth State park that I took with some of my very best friends. These magnets and ornaments have turned into some of my best sellers and I think that is partially due to my allowing you to make it yours. You choose the tent color, the inscription, the date… I have always valued making something for you that can reflect your special memory as it reflected mine when I first created this little scene

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.03.10 PM

a rainbow of tents on my camping ornaments


Just a few days ago I had a new request for a change in scene. A grandparent wrote to me asking me to change the moon from a crescent to a full. She had taken her grandson on his first camping trip to Big Sur along the California coast and the moon was so full, so big that it really made an impression on them both. I imagined the sea air combined with the smells of the forest, the 2 of them sitting outside their orange tent marveling at the beautiful, humongous moon and I smiled. I’m smiling now picturing that sweet moment. I’m trying my best to capture that feeling on this wood slice ornament for them,  so they can look at it every Christmas, and remember that trip and smile.

FullSizeRender copy

making it theirs


grandson’s full moon