Indian Summer


Excited to be back in Asbury Park for the Indian Summer Fall Bazaar! We will be there Saturday 12-5 in spot number 9.



Asbury Park Surf Music Festival

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Asbury Park Surf Festival is this Saturday, August 27! We will be selling in the convention hall from 12-6. This Saturday is also the 2nd annual Promenade of Mermaids! What an epic day to be in Asbury, hope to see you at the shore.

Summer time!

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Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far, we definitely have been! We’ve been on lots of hiking adventures both close to home, and in the national parks in Washington state which have provided us with so much inspiration that we have been bursting with new ideas. Come check out our new designs at one of our favorite markets, Montclair Pop-Up!

in JC for Father’s Day!

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.03.12 AMUsually my Father’s Days are spent with my Dad eating rippers at Rutt’s Hut. It’s his favorite, his day, his choice. He has graciously allowed us to push off this year (I’m guessing because he knows he’ll get 2 trips to Rutt’s Hut, one on Father’s Day and another with me whenever he wants) and instead this Sunday, June 19, we will be at our first 6th Borough Market in Jersey City! I’ve heard wonderful things from other vendor friends and and we are so excited to be back in Jersey City! Stop by and pick up a last minute gift for Dad.

11-5  Columbus Drive & Hudson Street Jersey City NJ

back at the beach

Spring Bazaar 2016 Poster Final

This Saturday we are back again at one of our favorite venues, The Asbury Park Bazaar. May 7th also marks the grand opening of a new store on the boardwalk run by our friends at Big Spoon Little Spoon Naturals. They make the most heavenly soaps and bath products! We are honored that they asked us to be a part of their new venture! You can find a selection of our magnets in their store, that will be updated monthly. It gives us a fantastic excuse to hit the beach a little more than usual this summer.

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Where do the sachets fit in?


Before there was an official Forage Workshop, I dabbled in lots of different mediums in art and in crafts. I started making sachets filled with balsam mainly for myself, I LOVE the smell of balsam, and to give as holiday gifts. The eye pillows were a soon second for exactly the same reason. I soon found that I had more than I needed, but I wanted to make even more, it was such a satisfying process! So I went downtown and talked to a local shop owner who suggested I put them in the towns seasonal holiday boutique. I put in a bunch of balsam sachets and some catnip toys as well. (another creation I had started making mostly for my own cat, Moose) Both items sold very well! I even had my balsam sachets featured in a blog! It was such a gratifying experience! I was hooked.

I kept at it, returning the following holiday season to sell in a local shop and to be a “featured maker”. The following  year I was laid off from the full time job I had held for 12 years. I felt free to try out all of the things I had always wanted to do, including making things to sell at local craft shows and markets. Forage was officially born! My focus of course was, and still is, wood burning, but I have never left behind the spark that started it all, my sweet smelling sachets.


Soothing scents of lavender and chamomile